Thursday, June 2, 2011

watching white walls



its a unicorn

and do you know what unicorns are made of ?


sweet, sweet freedom

so finally after a year of grueling, general brain application and grumbling, my A levels are over. 

I still can't shake that feeling that I need to be revising, I'll wake up in the morning and think, well how much can I learn today.

Though things might be changing, seeing as I had a dream last night in which I interviewed Obama about his tastes in style.

He enjoys pinstripe suits.

I actually finished my art exam quite a few weeks ago,

It was under the title 'Mystery and Imagination' which basically means EVERYTHING

I did quite like that title.

What it didn't like was that we then had to complete a 200 x 40 cm canvas in 8 hours. 


It was basically bigger than me.

And as you all know, nothing ever goes right in exams.

Bleach bleed, my white paint mysteriously turned blue and everything kept on drying much lighter than I originally painted. 

Oh the woes of an art student.


We also got the chance to submit our previous works to the Royal Academy, so along with my Florence canvas, I also submitted my textiles piece.

This time we had the more specific title of 'Objects Past and Present', which of course called for unicorns.

I really am sensing an equestrian undercurrent in my work. Which is bad as I am crap at painting horses.

Nothing I've submitted will win, but I'm sure my homage to Harry Potter with my light-bolt rabbit will earn massive awesome points.

In my head, that is.


Its basically a massive version of one of those snappy things made out of paper. With loads of freaky looking animals and eyes all over it.
Oh I question my mind sometimes.

With all ym new free time, I'm also making an effort to update my tumblrs, eve-rei and milk-white-teeth

so check them out if you enjoy multiple pictures of cats.

But come on, who doesn't?

xox Eve-Rei


  1. Ok I really want your art, so much more awesome than my AS pieces! The prints are amaaazzing. Your project titles are so much cooler as well, we got stuck with 'space'.
    Ooh so you might be featured in the royal academy? Thats so exciting!

    Also I love Rear Window, one of my favourite films! How about Psycho? Its soo creepy, but really good.
    Haven't seen the jane eyre series, but I'm in love with the pride and prejudice one so if its similar I'll have to check it out..

    (Ok if anyone reads that they're gonna think I'm really wierd and just haven't read this post properly..)

  2. Oh Anoushka, you really don't, my final piece turned into a mess. I left so much white space, like next to the rest of my class it looked like a snow storm. 'Space' is pretty cool, though I would have been way too tempted to reel out something Star Trek related :)
    Rear Window is definitely in my top 10, and I think Rebecca might be too. I have to confess I've never seen Psycho, its the one film of his I don't own, which greatly pains me.
    Oh you must watch it! The one with Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens, its an absolute dream. And 'Bright Star' too, I'm sure you'll adore that one too.


  3. You are an incredible artist I mean seriously these pieces are INCREDIBLE.
    Ah, hate it when white paint mysteriously develops hypothermia. :P
    The last piece is really really really really beautiful and oh so inspiring.
    So dreamy.
    And is that unicorn in the form of a doorknob or am I imagining things?
    Whatever, I just want a unicorn doorknob.

  4. Oh if only it was Star Trek! Spocks eyebrows would definitely have to make an appearance ;) But no it was more 'the space around us', which could translate into absolutely anything.
    Love Rebecca! Laurence Olivier just makes it perfect. Although I watched it before I read the book, which ruined it somewhat when I came to read it..
    Oh my gosh Toby Stephens is in it?? I will most definitely have to watch it, no questions. Although Mr Rochester is meant to be ugly, he most certainly is not!

  5. wow wow you are extremely talented!!! Your art is amazing!!