Wednesday, February 23, 2011

there must be some toros in the atmosphere


I don't think much can excuse that title. I haven't even been watching Bring It On.

My brain is just generally melting.

We had a critique of our art coursework, and I was slaughtered.

Haha, funnily enough my teacher doesn't really like whimsical water-colours and dogs with the eyes of a human.

Though, who does?

But what could possibly cure such artistic blues?

Bedroom dancing in a brightly coloured blouse?

Bring it on


If you didn't already guess, I was being a unicorn, not some gleek without the use of my thumb.


Sorry for not posting, but my hands have been full for a while.

Full with fabric.

Sorry that was a bad pun, but I've been designing and making a collection for my schools upcoming fashion show, which I am SO excited for.

I've finished one dress, and am working on the next, so I'll post pictures soon, so y'all can see them.

My brain might melt some more form my sheer excitement.

I was going to consider cutting my hair, crazy I know, but then I saw Tangled.

Oh My Good Golly Aunt

I now aspire to have 70ft of hair.

Or become a meet and greet princess at Disney Land, which I can do, if I grow like 2 more inches. And move to America.

I blame the hair for the splurge that just came out of my brain.

And this picture.


oh goldie you do make me so very happy


xox Eve-Rei

your love and comments are like extremely hairy disney princess, so elegantly wonderful


  1. Whaaat?! I love your art work, it's amazing! Don't be blue girly!
    Love your outfit, esp the last picture. You look gorgeous in all...
    But aaah, I bet your dress is amazing! I started making today and aah, I'm so nervous!
    UO xxxx

  2. Your hair makes me want to never cut mine again. I am so extremely jealous! Also I LOVE your nail polish colour. For some reason I really want to paint my nails blue... what is the name of it?

  3. Love your art soo much! My gosh! You are so so so talented! :D Love your hair!!!!!! So jealous of youu. Youre too pretty! Love this blog. In fact, seeing your posts on my dashboard makes me wanna sing! And sometimes, I actually do :3 Thank you for being such an inspiration! haha :) good luck with the fashion show!
    Skye <3

  4. Oh what, your art is totally amazing. x

  5. oh how i adore your florentine piece <3 looking fly in the second pic and whip yo hair girl! can't wait for the school fashion show, i'm sure every dress will be perfect! ox

  6. snap, i think art teachers are just bitter that they never actually became serious artists! Your stuff looks awesommeee though, my thoughts were 'woah, that can't actually be hers...!'. Also loving the blue nails/ orange shirt combo :)

  7. dont listen to your art teachers, i think your art is incredible! oh and i love the pictures where your flipping your hair :) amazing blog xxx

  8. I can't believe that someone wouldn't like your art work! It is incredibly beautiful and thought-provoking. I love it so.
    And the detail on your shirt is uh-MAzing.
    Good luck with your school fashion show! I'm sure your work is amazing! I wish I had your talent! :)

  9. Your art work is amazing!! and i love your blouse. ;)

  10. wow, your hair is amazing!xoxo

  11. Don't let your teacher get you down! Some of the most succesful artists in the world 'failed' art at school, probably just because they didn't fit into a box.

    I was really amazed by your artwork when I first saw the pictures, your influences weren't exteremely obvious and it wasn't cliched. A lot of people with blogs just post the same kind of 'inspiration' as many other people and fit in to boxes but you're a true individual, don't forget it :)

  12. your outfits were amazing in the fasion show!! what year are you in and what subjects have you taken? xxx

  13. Thankyou each and everyone of you for your absolutely sumptuous comments, really they are so very, very dear to me, so thankyou!

    Oh and Anonymous, thankyou, it was such an amazing night. I'm in year 12 right now, and I'm taking Art, Theatre Studies, Biology and English Literature.


  14. love the shoes, the blouse, everything!
    I'm definitely following you :)