Saturday, October 2, 2010



what an apt and well thought out title


sorry for my lack of posts, but the afore mentioned title has consumed me

what a strange thought

life has consumed me.

England seems to have sunk into autumn now, and the world has suddenly lost all its green and turned yellow and red.

its hardly even bloody October yet 

this sudden winter induced writers block has caused a backlog of blog worthy material, so here I am spilling it

and what fashionable backlog it is

because last Sunday, I got to go to London Fashion Weekend 

my squeeable enjoyment of the day, can only really be conveyed in picture form


I think 'beautiful' best summarizes my day. It really was wonderful and not even the spatterings of rain could dampen it. 

We got front row seats for the catwalk as !well, though I think my sister might have found the box of free special k, a little more exciting. Or maybe that Jade was one of models, might be why we both had a mini freak out half way through it

I was also able to buy some gorgeous earrings from Les Néréides. They are just so cute, and I was really surprised to find them selling clip ons, and now thanks to them I get to have two deliciously sweet ladybirds whispering in my ears.

Talking about ears, I saw the most darling little necklace just as I was leaving. It was a tiny little rabbit with a triple layered chain, from the designer Sam Ubhi, and it made my heart break from its utter adorablity (I think I just made a word up..) I think this calls for an internet scour and possibly a trip to Tooting!


I always have it as I'm typing, a sudden burst of inspiration for a blog post, does anyone else have that.

I'll expend such thoughts into another posts about all my recent buys, which surprising have been quite a lot. Hehe, school just makes me spend more I guess. 

I also just want to share one of my absolute favourite songs. I like listening to covers and remixs a lot more, because I don't know, they're just a lot different, and this one by Lissie is by far one of my favourites. 


your comments and love are the utter most sweetness, like tiny delicate ladybirds buzzing along

xox Eve-rei

p.s. X Factor season is upon us. And oh goodness I've actually fallen in l.o.v.e love with Aiden,

I didn't think any one would be able to replace Olly, but gee damn it that boy can sing! I might have to go listen to him again, hehe.


  1. WOW!!! so incredibly jealous!!! I LOVE your outfit!! Hope that school's going well :)

  2. lol, your sister and special k. Sounds like a fun time- we should all try and go next yeatr, or something...
    ly Aashna

  3. Tehe schools going good, how about you? Lucky ducky turning 17 tomorrow!

    Lol Aashna all you could hear was 'munch munch' tehe it was so so so fun! We definitely all have to go together! Its so good and somerset house is just gorgeous


  4. Lucky you going to Fashion Week,
    I absolutely love Lissie, her voice is beautiful!

  5. Ahh perfect photos as always, i thought i recognised that catwalk photo (; You both look lovely, hope you had fun!

  6. Aiden's performance really took me by surprise actually but wow he blew me away!
    it was perfect.